Kinds of Lasik Side Effects

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Kinds of Lasik Side Effects - Particular Lasik side effects tend to be normal right after having LASIK, because they are actually part of the healing process. These types of side effects are likely to be temporary and are also treated while using the medications prescribed by doctors. They often start to reduce just days sticking with your current procedure.

The majority of patients may encounter a sandy, gritty sensation within the eye the 1st couple of days after having a LASIK procedure called Lasik Side Effects. A few might also get blurry vision, light pain as well as tearing in the 1st FORTY EIGHT to SEVENTY TWO hrs. Several patients report that they're somewhat light sensitive for a couple days.

In the very first few weeks, patients commonly make a complaint in relation to halos or even glare whenever they are driving a vehicle during the night time. Your own eyes might also truly feel dry for any 1st month or two right after LASIK. Nevertheless, these types of lasik side effects sort out quickly as they are to be expected.

You should understand the big difference among side effects and also complications of LASIK. LASIK complications or Lasik Side Effects can occur on your eyes or even vision while in surgery or even just right after surgery. Whilst these types of complications tend to be uncommon, you have to be aware that they are able to in some cases occur:

Kinds of Lasik Side Effects:
  • Possible lost vision:
    Occasionally, some patients will see a deterioration in their best corrected vision. You may not see as well after the surgery as you did with contact lenses or eyeglasses before.
  • Severe dry eye syndrome:
    Some patients losing their ability to produce sufficient tears after undergoing LASIK, resulting in a condition referred to as dry eye syndrome.
  • Need for further procedures:
    Some patients may require a "touch up" procedure after having LASIK to further correct their vision. Changes may occur during the healing process that require further correction.
  • Need for reading glasses:
    People usually require reading glasses as they age, a condition referred to as presbyopia. Unfortunately, LASIK cannot heal presbyopia.

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